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Andrew Robbins is on his way to Copenhagen


andrew.robbinsIn July, Andrew Robbins will participate in the 2017 Institute for World Literature held at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark (and organized at Harvard University), which brings together over 180 professors, scholars, postdocs, and graduate students from around the globe. The institute was created to explore the study of literature in a globalizing world and to understand research in a global framework. The program includes two sets of two-week seminars, taught by leading names in world literature today, together with guest lectures and opportunities for participants to share their work in colloquia. Andrew will first follow the seminar taught by David Damrosch, called "Globalization and Its Discontents", and then move onto more theoretically focused seminar, led by Thomas Claviez, "Conceptualizing Cosmopolitanism and World Literature: A Critical Survey". In the colloquium group "Translation and World Literature", Andrew will also present research on the History of Science in early 20th century Italy and its relation to issues of translation. Attending this institute will be useful to Andrew's developing dissertation project, and will allow him to integrate concepts of world literature into his study of the history and philosophy of science in Europe.

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