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Sartoni, Eleonora

Eleonora SartoniEleonora Sartoni ( received both her B.A. in Modern Languages and Literature (2005) and her M.A. in Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies (2010, summa cum laude) at University of Siena, where she completed a major in English (minor in German). Her MA dissertation “Percorsi Tematici Trasmediali: da The Tempest a Lost” explored postcolonial, Freudian, gender, and postmodern rewritings of Shakespeare's The Tempest. Her PhD dissertation “Spectacular Capital(ist) City: Wanderings through Rome from 1870 to the Present” analyzes modern and contemporary Italian cultural production that highlights the city’s singular role in forging Italian national identity through monuments and urban plans. The texts under consideration reveal that the Italian state’s at times frantic, superficial, and spectacular modifications to Rome’s urban structure reveal the nation’s frustration with its perceived “backwardness” or “belatedness” with regard to European modernity. Eleonora’s research interests include cinema, urban studies, mysticism, and literature investigating the relationship between body and society.

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