Exploring Contemporary Italy

Taught in Italian, the course tackles a wide range of pressing contemporary topics: the north-south divide, gender conflicts, environmental issues, migration, visual culture, etc. We will analyze different kind of texts: short fiction, essays, newspaper articles, movies, video clips, etc. Authors include: Sciascia, Calvino, Buzzati, Ortese, Rodari, Scego, Kuruvilla, Lahiri, and Ferrante. Assignments and most readings will be in Italian, with excerpts from critical essays in English. Completion of questionnaires, short papers, participation in a Forum, and two online one-to-one meetings required.  

EXPLORING CONTEMPORARY ITALY 06/26/2023-07/21/2023 ONLINE 16:560:691:D1 BALDI

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Promoting Diversity

This course will investigate texts from contemporary Italian authors of different ethnicities and will explore ways in which we can use these texts in our language classroom (from elementary to advanced level) to promote diversity and inclusion in our classroom. 

Promoting Diversity





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