The Journal of Language Teaching and Technology

About The Journal

The Journal of Language Teaching and Technology (LTT) is a peer-reviewed academic journal that aims at disseminating research on language methodology and teaching through technology. Submission information for the 2019 cycle will be posted shortly. All abstracts should be sent to Carmela Scala at and Daniele Defeo at 

The Journal of Language Teaching and Technology (LTT) is sponsored by the Italian Department at Rutgers University and is a peer-reviewed journal. Our editorial board is comprised of scholars in the fields of second language acquisition and computer-assisted language learning. The focus of the journal is on second language acquisition and teaching methodologies and on how the use of technology enhances the teaching and learning experience. We are an open-access journal, meaning that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his or her institution. Authors are not charged either for submitting articles or for publication of their accepted articles. Authors maintain copyright over their individual articles and should be contacted regarding any questions about publication rights.

ISBN: 978-1-7923-0571-9
Note: LTT is published  once a year

Published Editions:

Issue 2, December 2019

Issue 1, December 2018