The Journal of Language Teaching and Technology

LTT, Edition 3, December 2020


Carmela Scala, Rutgers University
Daniele DeFeo, Princeton University


  pdf Ballarin When distance learning forces tradition to offer solutions in language teaching

 Author: Elena Ballarin

  pdf Beltramello & Nicora Captioning and Revoicing Activities to Learn Italian

Authors: Anastasia Beltramello, Francesca Nicora

  pdf Guida & Palese Cyberspace and Non Avatars

Authors: Patrizia Guida, Emma Palese

  pdf Nitti & Facchetti Distance Learning and Language Teaching

Authors: Giulio Facchetti, Paolo Nitti

  pdf Tomassetti La figura del tutor online nelle tecnologie didattiche per l'italiano L2

Author: Roberto Tomasetti


 ISBN: 978-1-7923-0571-9