Marius Rusu

Marius Rusu (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) earned his B.A. in English and French at Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna. For his History and Culture of the Publishing System at Statale University in Milan, Marius studied the impact of books on culture and ideas. After his MA, he worked in a publishing house as editor, proofreader and head of the press office. Marius has published numerous articles and book reviews on Italian and French journals, such as “La Bibliofilia”, “Transalpina”, “Ecdotica” and “TECA”, and participated at conferences and workshops. His interests revolve around the history of modern books, the role of publishing houses, and the cultural effect of printed documents, mainly in the Tuscan Archduchy from mid-XVIII century until the Italian unification. He holds a PhD in Italian Studies at Sapienza University in Rome, and an Archival Science degree at the Vatican School of Archival Studies and Paleography. Since 2019, he has been periodically collaborating with Cattolica University in Milan as an instructor for the course History of the Italian Publishing System, for both undergraduate and graduate students in the specialization programs “Booktelling” and “Digital & Paper Publishing”. In his doctoral path at Rutgers University, Marius is exploring the synergies between paper and digital documents and Giacomo Casanova’s European network.