Diletta.PasettiDiletta Pasetti was born and raised in a Cocoon, a small village in the Italian La Bassa. Very proud of her origins, she has always been enthusiastic about literature.

She graduated from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan with a Master’s Degree in Italian Philology. She is extremely passionate about the world of books, so naturally she flew to the UK to obtain her MA in Digital Publishing at the Oxford Brookes University.

Before rejoining again the academic galaxy, she had fun on the twin planets of Public Administration and Digital Communication for almost eight years.

Her previous work focused on Leopardi's circular writing and Father Mazzolari's disruptive modernity. She had the honor to curate the edition of the priest's unpublished private correspondence with his bishops. At Rutgers, she is happily teaching Italian while researching the formation of the image of Italian women intersecting feminist theories, religion, literature, media, and aesthetics.