K-12 Italian Teacher Development

Professional Development3

Teaching Strategies for Italian Language Instruction

The Department of Italian at Rutgers University offers three fully online professional development courses for teachers of Italian. These highly interactive and engaging courses equip teachers with dynamic and effective ways to introduce students to the richness of the Italian experience through current events, food, and culture. These topics allow teachers to better prepare their students for the AP exam/college courses, while simultaneously earning professional development hours (4 hours per module). Since they are conducted online, teachers will not be required to attend class sessions during specific time slots.

The next set of modules will be offered this summer.
SESSION 1: July 1 - August 2, 2019

A certificate is awarded by the Department of Italian for completion of ALL three modules. The tuition for each module is $250.

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Departmental Chair
Andrea Baldi
Graduate Director
Alessandro Vettori