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RU in Rome Summer Study Abroad Program

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Launched in the Summer of 2018, RU in Rome is a 4-week summer program in Rome, Italy. RU in Rome offers students of all majors and language learning levels a unique opportunity to study Italian language and culture with RU faculty, and to gain work experience abroad through internships tailored to their field(s) of study. In addition to living, studying, and working in Rome for a month, students can take advantage of optional credit-bearing excursions with RU faculty: visit the world’s first pizzeria and the underground city in Naples; Mussolini’s ideal “fascist” neighborhoods and towns; Italy’s Hollywood or ‘cinema city,’ Cinecittà; or learn to taste olive oil and wine from the Roman countryside. Join us for exciting opportunities to study abroad!


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    RU in Rome summer study abroad is a unique opportunity to study Italian language and culture with...