K-12 Italian teachers tuition support

Provide tuition scholarships of Masters of Italian (MAT) for students. These students are currently teaching level K-12 Italian in New Jersey schools.

Name Awards

Annual prizes acknowledge excellence at both the undergraduate level and the graduate level. Prizes carry the name of the Alumnus/a or of the person you wish to honor.

Study Abroad Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

In these difficult times, our students often cannot afford to travel and study abroad, and we regularly receive requests for financial support. Even relatively small scholarships encourage students to save and embark on this life-changing experience. Make the difference!

Program Donations

Thanks to your contributions, we have been able to launch a few new programs. Please continue to support our students and the professional development of teachers of Italian.

Graduate Student Research and Travel Grants

Participation in international conferences and visiting archives to complete original research is an integral part of our graduate students’ professional development. Please continue to support excellence in research!

We appreciate your support.