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RU in Rome is a unique opportunity to study Italian language and culture with Rutgers Italian Department faculty over the summer. A limited number of internship placements are available. We also offer numerous scholarships. Scholarship applications are updated at bottom of page. 

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"If you are looking for a city experience, Rome is the place to go. RU in Rome provides the support of having Rutgers faculty and students with you, but it is also easy to find where the Italians are. I made lifelong friends and built lasting relationships with the faculty also, which made the experience that much more worthwhile." -- Sofia Cuccio, Education and Italian, Class of 2019 (RU in Rome 2018)."

Students from all majors and language learning levels will partake in a 4-week full immersion program. All students will be registered for an Italian language course of 3 or 4 credits, based on placement level. Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced language courses will be taught in the classroom and at various sites around Rome on select days, depending on the daily lesson. Language courses meet Mondays-Fridays from 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm. Daily attendance is required. Language courses follow RU curriculum, supplemented by full immersion activities around Rome. Besides daily conversation activities, students will complete online assignments, including a class blog.


  • Upon acceptance into the program, students are automatically registered for the Culture Track option. The Culture Track consists of two 1.5 credit courses. A Cultural Tour of Italy (01:560:248), is a course with emphasis on independent exploration of Rome. Students will complete pre-departure readings and assignments as well as photo and analytical essay assignments while abroad. Italian Culture Today, (01:560:317) is based on focused weekend cultural excursions. An overnight trip starting with the discovery of the archeological site of Pompeii. Next, you’ll travel to a coastal town for the evening’s activities and lodging. The next day you’ll travel to Naples to visit the amazing archeological museum and have pizza in the city where it was invented. For this course, students will complete pre-departure readings and assignments as well as reflections papers while abroad and a final essay. Culture Track students meet with Rutgers faculty twice per week to discuss assignments and plan group outings.
  • Internship Track option. Students have the option of applying for a limited number of 3-credit internships in English or Italian to gain work experience abroad. Interns will work from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Monday–Thursday. Professors will monitor their progress in weekly 2-hour group meetings each Friday. Students will keep a daily online journal detailing their experience and complete a professional portfolio assignment by the end of the program. Once selected for an internship, students will be enrolled in Internship in Italian (01:560:398). They will not take Cultural Tour of Italy (01:560:248), but stay enrolled in Italian Culture Today, (01:560:317), for an additional 1.5 credits. An additional fee will be added to the student's term bill to cover the 1.5 credits. 

Your Host City: Rome


Classes will meet five days per week, and regular attendance is required. Students should expect to be occupied with class time/internship placements from 9am-530pm daily. Grades will be based on examinations and class performance according to the Rutgers University system by the instructors and director in consultation. Course Offerings:

  • Italian Language Course (3 - 4 credits, depending on level)
    • 01:560:101, 102, Elementary Italian (4 credits)
    • 01:560:121, 131, 132, Intermediate Italian (4 credits)
    • 01:560:321 Advanced Italian (3 credits)
  • Culture Track (3 Credits)
    • 01:560:248 A Cultural Tour of Italy (1.5 credits)
    • 01:560:317 Italian Culture Today (1.5 credits)
  • Internship Track (4.5 credits) Additional Fee
    • 01:560:398 Internship (3 credits)
    • 01:560:317 Italian Culture Today (1.5 credits)


Students are encouraged to start researching scholarship opportunities as early as possible.  There are many kinds of scholarships available, with different eligibility requirements and application criteria.  To get a sense of what scholarships are available for your program, click here for a comprehensive list of study abroad scholarships. Scholarship Directory

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