Carmela Scala

Director of the Italian Language Program, Assistant Teaching Professor

Ph.D., Comparative Literature, The Graduate Center of New York, CUNY, 2009.

Joined Rutgers in 2014
Address: AB 5110 - 15 Seminary Place
Tel. 848-932-5127
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Research Interests
Language pedagogy; Baroque and early modern literature; folklore and fairytales; literature and the arts (painting/ theater/cinema) 


  • Elementary Italian (face to face and online) 
  • Intermediate Italian 
  • Advanced Conversation Through Current Issues 
  • Certificate for Reading Knowledge 
  • Italian Culture Courses 
  • Italian For Business 
  • Business Made in Italy 

Honors and Awards 

2020 Ernest E. McMahon Class of 1930 Award for the academic year 2019-2020. 

2007, 2009 and 2011, Recipient of “The Outstanding Faculty Award,” St. John’s University 



  • From Design to Teaching: Granting Our Students An Engaging Learning Experience Online (Cambridge Scholar Publishing, 2021); 
  • Fairytales-a World Between the Imaginary: Metaphor at Play in Lo Cunto De Li Cunti by Giambattista Basile, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014 
  • "Un viaggio fantastico nella lingua e nella cultura italiana. Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 2016. 
  • New Trends in Italian Cinema: New-Neorealism, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013. 


Blogging Pinocchio: Reworking Culture in the Italian Classroom, in NEMLA Italian Atudies, Volume XXXIX (2017)  

“The Embodiment of Umorismo in The Late Mattia Pascal,” PSA, The Journal of the Pirandello Society of America, (Volume XVII, Fall 2004). 

Book Chapters 

  • How to Foster Equality in The Language Classroom, in "Rhetoric and Sociolinguistics in Times of Global Crisis," IGI Global, 2021. 
  • Transmedial Storytelling in "The Body of Naples: Corporality and Performativity in Baroque Naples",Lexington Books, 2017. 
  • “Pasolini e Serrao, due percorsi diversi per una scelta identica: il dialetto”, in Pier Paolo Pasolini: in Living Memory, edited by Ben Lawton and Maura Bergonzoni, Academia Publishing, 2009, pp. 95-115. 
  • “The demystification of the hero in Basile’s cunti”, in Mascolinità all’Italiana: Cinema, Teatro e Letteratura, edited by Renato Ventura, 2013, pp. 55-72. 

Experience Other than Teaching 

  • Founder and chief editor of the Language Teaching and Technology (LTT) 
  • AATI Mid-West Regional Representative  
  •  Co-founder of the Critical Race Studies Caucus within AAIS 
  • Director of RU in Rome, Summer Study Abroad Broad Program 
  • Conducted Workshops on “Online teaching” for Hunter College and The Graduate Center Faculty 
  • On site Coordinator and Faculty Leader of the Summer Study Abroad Program in Rome  
  • Italian Majors and Minors Adviser 
  • Coordinator of the Italian Cultural Society at St. John’s University 
  • Organizer of workshops in collaboration with the Career Center for St. John’s University students (In this capacity I invited speakers from different fields to discuss job opportunities) 
  • Developed a new study abroad program in Ecuador in collaboration with the A-SL office at St. John’s University. 
  • Organized fundraisers at St. John’s University and at Hunter College for different causes.  
  • Developed new courses for the Italian Program and Academic Service-Learning Activities for the classes at St. John’s University. 
  • Conducted faculty training activities, particularly in teaching using IT tools in the classroom at St. John’s University and Hunter College