Master of Arts Program (M.A.)

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The M.A. program deals with all aspects of Italian literature and literary criticism. It is open to candidates with academic records of distinction and other evidence of scholarly accomplishments.
The candidates must satisfactorily complete 10 term courses (30 credits) and take a comprehensive examination based on a reading list.

Course Work
The number of course credits required is 30. All graduate students that teach must also take the Methodology of Teaching course.

M.A. Examination
The MA examination consists of two four-hour written exams and is given in two parts, on two consecutive days. On the first day the candidate will answer two questions out of four, covering ’200-’500; and on the second day two questions out of four, covering ’600-’900. For each part, one question must be answered in English and one in Italian.

On successful completion of the MA examination, the candidate is recommended for the degree of M.A.

The candidate is expected to have completed the 30 course credits before taking the MA examinations and to take the exams within one year of ending his/her course work.

In case of failure, the exam must be taken again within the next two sessions and may not be retaken more than once. The reading list for the M.A. Examination is available in the departmental office.

Exam Sessions

Exams will be scheduled three times each year: in early September, late January, and early May.


The grades assigned are High Pass, Pass, Terminal Pass, and Fail.