Masters in Teaching (M.A.T.)

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The M.A.T. program in Italian is intended primarily for those who are teaching, or intend to teach, at the secondary school level. The program emphasizes language, literature, and culture.

Candidates for the M.A.T. must satisfactorily complete ten term courses (30 credits), including the completion of a teaching portfolio.

The MAT program is intended primarily for those who are teaching, or intend to teach, at the K-12 level. Candidates are admitted on the basis of their prior formal background and professional experience/performance.  They should have the equivalent of a Minor in Italian before applying or, as an alternative, take some undergraduate courses.  (Up to 4 undergraduate courses are permitted by the Graduate School). 

The GRE is not required for admission. An applicant for the MAT is encouraged to take the courses offered during the summer at the World Languages Institute prior to being admitted to the MAT program.  Courses with a grade of B or better will be counted toward the degree.  Students wishing to take graduate courses toward the MAT during the academic year need the permission of the Graduate Director. 

The MAT in Italian is considered to be a terminal degree, in that it does not lead to the Ph.D. program.  Any student who seeks admission to the Ph.D. program after completing the MAT degree must apply through the normal application process. 

Degree Requirements:
MAT students are required to take a total of 30 credits.  Students admitted prior to the Summer 2007 session may choose from the first and second option while students admitted from the Summer 2007 can only take the first option.

First option:   27 credits of course work, chosen among courses in Italian literature, civilization, language, cinema and methodology taken primarily at the Rutgers Summer World Languages Institute or in the Italian Department (with the permission of the Graduate Director) and 3 credits to prepare a teaching portfolio. The 27 credits that are earned at the World Languages Institute should be distributed in the following fashion:  12 credits in literature and culture; 9 credits in language, grammar, and language across the curriculum; 3 credits in methodology; 3 elective credits.  One of the courses may be a course taught in English, chosen in consultation with the Graduate Director.

Second option:   30 credits of course work and a final exam based on the MAT reading list (available at the Department office).  One of the courses may be a course taught in English. 

All the courses taken in the Italian Department must be in Italian. 

Students may participate in a summer study abroad earning up to 6 credits toward the degree, with the approval of the Graduate Director. 

Students may elect to take one course (3 credits) at the Graduate School of Education, upon prior approval of the Graduate Director. 

The Graduate Director may accept up to 12 credits from another institution to be used toward the degree only after 12 credits have been completed at Rutgers.