Learning Goals

Italian Undergraduate Program

The Italian Department is committed to providing the university community with an authentic experience of Italian language, literature, and culture, and to providing intercultural and interdisciplinary knowledge as well as fundamental analytical tools. The language is taught with emphasis on four skills: comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Literature and culture are taught with emphasis on critical analysis, intercultural skills, and interdisciplinary approaches. Equipped with linguistic skills and refined insights into a different culture, students acquire the ability to interact in a changing local and global environment and to participate in it with deeper understanding and greater effectiveness.


Goal I. General Linguistic Proficiency

Our students achieve the linguistic and intercultural competence necessary to communicate in Italian. Our instructors teach Italian with an emphasis on cultural immersion and interpersonal modes of communication. Students will be able to read and write texts in formal, literary, and academic registers.

Goal II. Cultural Proficiency

Our students learn the skills necessary to research and critically analyze Italian culture (literature, film, art, design, fashion, etc.). In addition to culture courses taught in Italian, courses taught in English provide the same skills to students without prior knowledge of Italian and Italian American culture.

Goal III. Professional Preparation

Our program teaches students research and writing methods in Italian literature and culture, and equips them with the necessary skills to enter graduate programs in the humanities or professional graduate schools, including law schools and schools of international affairs or diplomacy, as well as to careers in education, international business (finance, import/export, wine, food, fashion), journalism, and public relations.