Undergrad Courses SquareIn a large research university like Rutgers, students in the Department of Italian benefit from a close-knit liberal arts college atmosphere – in smaller, seminar-style courses, they receive training directly from our award-winning research faculty.

Most students in our program begin with little to no Italian, and complete their degree able to understand, discuss, and write analytically about novels, poetry, film, and pressing issues of international significance in their original language.

Our undergraduate program prepares students for a globalized world by providing them cultural immersion and fluency in a language other than English, and solid training in the humanities through a focus on textual analysis, critical thinking and writing, and intercultural interpretation.



A degree in Italian opens the door to many professional graduate schools, including law schools and schools of international affairs or diplomacy, as well as to careers in education, international business (finance, import/export, wine, food, fashion), journalism, and public relations. 

Double Major

Students often combine an Italian Major with Political Science, Journalism and Media Studies, Communication, Comparative Literature, English, History, or Nutrition.

Study Abroad

For many of our students, the highlight of their time in the Department is their study abroad experience.

Departmental Honors

Those who excel in coursework are encouraged to participate in the Departmental Honors Program.

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Professional Associations:

Modern Language Association

The American Association of Language Specialists

American Translators Association