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Steps to Join the Italian Placement Test Webpage

  1. Log into Sakai using your Rutgers NetID.
  2. In the left pane, click "Membership" (NOT "course membership").
  3. On top, click "Joinable Sites." A list of joinable sites will open.
  4. In the search box on the top right, type "Italian Placement Exam" and click "Search."
  5. Click "Join" under "Italian Placement Exam." A confirmation appears: "You are now a participant of the Italian Placement Exam."
  6. Click "Home." The "Italian Placement Exam" Sakai site will appear among the course sites on top of the page. (Click "Sites" on top if it is not visible.)
  7. Click on "Italian Placement Exam" on the top of the Sakai web page.
  8. In the left panel, select "Tests & Quizzes."
  9. Click on the blue link "Italian Placement Exam."
  10. Complete the test following the instructions.
  11. At the end, click "Submit for Grading." Your scores will be sent to the department.

Italian Placement Test Information (Rutgers - New Brunswick)

Q: Am I eligible to take this test?
A: When reading through eligibility criteria, keep the following definition in mind:
"Definition of heritage and/or Native speaker: "A native or heritage speaker of Italian i s a person who has been exposed to Italian from 0-5 years old and in whose household Italian was spoken."

If you are eligible to take the placement test... (please continue)

  • You are not a heritage speaker of Italian AND you have taken 2 years or more of Italian in High School
  • You are a heritage speaker of Italian AND you have not taken any courses nor transferred credits
  • You are a native speaker of Italian

If you are not eligible to take the placement test... (please stop)

  • You have NOT taken any course in Italian and you are not a heritage nor a native speaker
  • You took courses in Italian at the college level AND you have transferred credits to Rutgers

Elements of the Placement Exam Include:

30 questions - Listening Comprehension
20 questions - Grammar
20 questions - Reading Comprehension

pdf PLACEMENT TEST for visiting students

Please direct any questions to:

Carmela Scala, Director of the Italian Language Program
Address: AB 5100 - 15 Seminary Place, Room 5110
Tel. 848-932-5127
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.