Course Description:

This course includes a series of workshops to practice and advance analytical and research skills. It constitutes a fundamental tool for assessing the major program in Italian. Course topic varies. Taught in Italian.

Course Learning Goals:

Students will demonstrate familiarity with a variety of methods and approaches specific to the discipline of literary and cultural studies as well as the ability to apply those methods to the analysis and interpretation of Italian texts.

They will demonstrate the ability to conduct research and evaluate different sources.

They will demonstrate the ability to formulate new questions about their objects of analysis by writing a clear and well-developed research paper and using the appropriate forms of citation.

Departmental Goal III: Professional Preparation

Required Texts:

Photocopy packet (available in the Italian department)

Or PDF texts on sakai

Grade Distribution:

Participation, 30%

Close-reading paper, 20%: 3 pages, written in Italian. Instructions will be distributed and discussed in class.

Research Paper, 20%: 7 pages, written in Italian. Instructions and criteria of evaluation will be amply discussed in class.

Proposals and Revisions, 30%